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In 2023, the majority of the global economies GDP will flow through native mobile commerce platforms. For this to occur seamlessly at scale both consumer devices and enterprise capabilities need to be expanded while also interlinked.  CNXT unites B2B and B2C frameworks in-order to optimize process flows in terms of speed, cost-reduction and the overall product-to-customer journey.

CNXT unites platform partners creating one, united tailored mobile commerce brand. CNXT provides the most additive connected hardware product bundles, most productive software solutions across proprietary, cloud-based FinTech, IoT, Cognitive Commerce and BlockChain ecosystem service silo's. This 'IoE superstar' provides the first fully mobile user-experience across Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for both businesses and consumers. Its unique B2B2C approach demonstrates a phenomenon, coined “CNXTing” across the global marketplace.

CNXT focuses on the activation of scalable new recurring revenue sources, automation of existing day-to-day process flow across all tiers of our platform partner's ecosystem to maximize earnings and service capabilities.

CNXTCore EoE Solutions


Mobile Payment Terminal 

Enables payment from or into existing credit, debit or brokerage accounts 


24/7 Smart Wi-Fi & Camera Embedded Sensor Network

App User, Sensor and Geo-Fence Security or Commerce Triangulation


      Message/transaction agnostic BlockChain portal scalable to 1 million messages per second per chain.

Our portal runs an unlimited number of individual private chains simultaneously.  


HD4K streaming digital signage solution with content controlled in the cloud via our partner Access Mobility 24, Inc.


AirRun is a location-based community hub for freelance work. It provides job seekers, freelancers and firms looking for temporary/seasonal hires and/or outsourcing of projects. Your organization can outsource anything with AirRun. Rest assured someone’s on it.


Integrated Parking Reservation, smart automated payment platform synced with AirRun's local commerce facilitation


A global leader/follower, speculative platform across brokerages and exchanges leveraging social innovation (“twitter for investors”) as our edge. Ditto acts as a bridge to new or existing relationships with younger generations, while also eliminating the outdated costs associated with employing human capital as a primary means to manage risk.


Our in-app ride sharing partner.

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