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What's Next?

By 2023, the majority of global economies GDP is estimated to flow through mobile platforms. For this to occur at scale consumer, enterprises and government capabilities need to be refined digitally while also interlinking, which requires thousands of third parties operating within multiple single platforms.  CNXT decentralizes operations optimizing process flows while simplifying the overall product-to-customer journey.


CNXT unites the strongest players in the start-up community creating one, united tailored mobile commerce brand. The FinTech Accelerator provides the first fully mobile user-experience across Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. CNXT offers custom hardware and software product bundling to cover information silos at each touch-point to ensure efficiency of legacy processes. While seemingly complex, CNXT's team of engineers and designers makes all custom solutions, accessible through just one web-based plugin.


CNXT's custom suite of innovative solutions automates pre-existing daily operational tasks, providing organizational agility and flexibility to explore what’s possible. CNXT lives in the present to define the future and connect whats next.


CNXT Core Solutions

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Direct commerce portal to purchase most legal products, services and experiences locally and globally. The solution can be accessed online or offline anytime, anywhere.


  Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT)

  Our message/transaction portal; scalable to 1 million messages per-second-per-chain. DeNet operates an unlimited number of individual private or public chains simultaneously.

Twitter for investors

A global leader/follower, speculation platform across brokerages and exchanges leveraging established persistent market edge via decentralized capital associations (“twitter for investors") as our edge. Ditto acts as a conduit to other account activities, empowering active monetization and risk management.



Stream and store jams

Stream, store and/or share personalized music to your preferences or 'mood of the day' from SoundCloud and YouTube. Keep on jammin'!


Someone's on it.

AirRun is a location-based errand hub providing runners income and seekers time saving solutions. Your family and/or organizations can outsource an increasing number of tasks once you AirRun it, know someone's on it.

The smart way to travel

Our ride querying portal offering both scheduled and on-demand access to ride or car to drive for you or any of your #CNXTers. Get to your desired destination, seamlessly with more vehicle options and most cost effectively.

A not so standard parking app

A transparency parking reservation and payment portal with a simple in app user-experience, CNXTing local commerce via AirRun's local commerce facilitation. Visit parknxt.info for more.



The zero-memory log-in portal

Portal that lists each 3rd party platform  you have an active username and password,  in-list form enabling a zero memory 2-step  log-in.


Skies the limit.

Slightly delayed “social” stream and news aggregator from sources and platforms selected by CNXTer.


The premium digital wallet

CNXT your Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Wallet and or MasterPass

An IoT smart lighting system

A global autonomous, ambient computing LED network.

Bring your Windows and Walls to LIFE

HD4K streaming digital signage solution with content controlled in the cloud via our platform partner. Display video and rotating images on any window and/or wall.

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